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15:50, 17:45: Live on… This is a talk about creating a simple model, a linear regression model in R, using data that you can find in the wild. Using all of the techniques you can learn with the help of this talk. Also, the code in the talk will be public.How to speak to your customers 17 April 2019 Voice is being used on an increasing basis to engage customers in interactions. With the continued rise of voice-first digital assistants and messaging apps such as Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, WeChat and Skype, there’s now an increasing number of communication channels available for customers to use. Voice is being used on an increasing basis to engage customers in interactions, from ordering products and services to accessing account balances, booking flights and requesting credit card payments. For the business, this means having to keep an eye on the number of channels a customer uses to reach you and then appropriately respond to them. It can be confusing for customers if they’re moving between different channels in order to get your attention. Many businesses are now adopting a unified communications strategy and deploying customer-facing voice solutions and bots to enable them to communicate with their customers using voice. These can be integrations into the CRM system so that your voice interactions are tracked and recorded for analytics. Using different communication channels isn’t necessarily bad, but it does become more complex if your customers need to be able to talk to you in several different ways and have access to information about your business from different channels. Which channels should you use? Whichever channels you use, you need to take care of customers’ needs by answering their questions and helping them reach the right people and information when they need it. Channels used by businesses that typically have great success with voice solutions include: Sales If you’re in a very different industry from your customer base, they may prefer to communicate with you via a service that they use. This could be an in-app bot or a website. An example of this would be the service offered by car-sharing company Zipcar, which allows customers to book and cancel rides from the app. Helpdesk Voice and messaging apps can also be used for customer service and helpdesk. Any channels that are primarily used by customers to reach a human agent are likely to work well with messaging bots as well. Slack, Facebook Messenger



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