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Why did we open Buti & Company


Buti & Co is a Cafe - Bakery that combines European cuisine, American rhythm, and Middle Eastern mentality. After visiting places around the world, trying local food, and experiencing different cultures, we decided to take the fine cuisine and look of Paris, the efficiency of New York City, and mix it with our favorite flavors we grew up with in Tel Aviv.

Inspired by the atmosphere of Madrid's neighborhoods, combined with the unique experience of Dizengoff Square in at night, we created Buti 2. Pinchos (a delightful bite of tapas on Pretzel), Platters, and Fresh Salads - all served quickly on European pricing. Accompanied by the right wine or beer we can enjoy the new Tel Aviv's scene.


The renovated Dizengoff square is in the Heart of Tel-Aviv and is the perfect location to fulfill our dream. The unique look and vibe of the square is consistent with the idea of Buti and Co.

פלטת נקניקים וגבינות לצד פירות ממרחים סלסלת לחם וכוסות יין

Evening Menu


The special setting of Dizengoff Square helped us to create the perfect evening menu for the fun-filled pastime.